Julie Anne Hart | Intuitive Leadership Purpose and Prosperity Empowerment Consultant
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You are a leader.

You have already created success in your life.

You already know yourself, your passion and your purpose.

But still, something is RISING within you.


This rising is a sign. A sign that the connection between you and your higher self, your work and your highest mission is deepening.


Will you fully rise in your Stellar Leadership?

To truly engage with the rising of your highest  potential, you are invited to enter the MYSTERY of your own consciousness.

Our right brain, the feminine aspect inside our psyche, has the capacity to see in the dark of our future. It can see into the quantum field of potentiality.

By tapping into right brain intuitive and heart intelligence, we can begin to integrate all aspects of our being and truly step into our true excellence.

As we collectively move into a new paradigm of business, it is time for you to redefine your understanding and embodiment of your inner AUTHORITY, your natural INFLUENCE, your POWER,  your CREATIVITY and your highest SERVICE.


What would it feel like for you to receive the guidance and clarity you need to experience your next level of success?

My name is Julie Anne and I am a channel for the mystery inside of you.

I help high-level entrepreneurs receive high-dimensional insights to move them forward in their challenges, questioning and aspirations.

If you are a high achiever, visionary, passionate leader or change maker who sees the value of reaching into the quantum field to create your next level of evolution, I am here to serve you.