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I’m Julie Anne Hart and I’m committed to connecting you with your inner wisdom, so that you can align to your bigger vision.


I help women to use their divine feminine power to lead – as entrepreneurs, leaders and influencers for future generations.  This is my calling. It ignites my heart and makes me feel useful. And it’s powerful stuff.

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I’m here to help all you enlightened entrepreneurs and leaders to light up the world with your feminine power.

Receive lessons to help you to access your feminine power.


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“I had no direction; I had lost ambition with low self-worth and relationships putting a constant knot in my stomach. The Alchemy Retreat gave me the energy and excitement to achieve my mission with ambition, intuition and purpose.”

Katherine Anne Deamer

“When you connect with your feminine essence, you return to your greatest power. There is no longer any need to push and force yourself to succeed or to find your purpose. All the fear and doubt falls away as you use your essence to thrive.”

“I’ve learnt to let go of needing to understand the ‘Hows’ and ‘Whys’. I believe and trust in the loving magic of the Mystery. Having the “tools” to deal with difficult situations is the most important thing in being an unlimited Creator.”

Susan Green Gaia House

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