Julie Anne Hart

Direct spiritual channel, inspirational speaker and author

Are you ready to take your leading edge position in your area of expertise?

Your success is entwined with your ability to have a rich relationship with yourself, with others, with your business, with the planet you live upon and with the infinite source of wisdom.

Ready to ascend your success and emerge?

Join me

Julie Anne Hart is a direct spiritual channel, inspirational speaker and author. She is the founder of The Wise Women Academy and creator of the 12 Sacred Steps Spiritual Principles for Advanced Living and Leadership.

Working with the Sacred Principles of the Divine Feminine creation matrix The Wise Women Academy  promotes Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Influencers and Change Makers to take a leading edge position in their industry of expertise, creating transformation through the connection to the Higher Self.

If you’ve found Julie Anne, it’s because you already are a leading light! You are the Torch Bearer illuminating a new way forward.

You are being called to align with the Sacred Principles of the Divine Feminine to work with your inner wisdom and Spiritual truth for the ascension of your Higher Purpose. The Divine Feminine represents the supreme level of feminine expression and manifestation in the universe. She comprises the best of the feminine in all its measure.

We weave our sacred path in the unseen world co-creating with the mystery of universal and feminine energy for a world of beauty. The attributes of the Divine Feminine are a higher way of being, she sees through the eyes of source and she knows not to form emotions that do not serve her highest good. She is the Matrix of creation, completely aligned with a Mother Earth Spirituality, she knows the hidden gifts of the seasons and of the elements. She is akin with the Great Mystery from which she receives direct guidance and spiritual wisdom that aids the success of her Change Maker Mission.

Are you ready to implement a leading edge philosophy that aids greater health, increased wealth and loving relationships?

Are you ready to work in flow with the absolute synchronicities of the Universe, Mother Earth and the power of nature?

When you work in a deeply spiritual way you naturally awaken to the beauty of discovering your true essence and mission on the planet, free from the stressors of your modern world.

You weren’t born to follow,
you were born to lead!

I look forward to our paths crossing

Blessings  Julie Anne

Sometimes we have to go deeper to uncover barriers that are standing between us and our higher potential. Through guided meditations Julie has enabled me to access real insights that have helped me to align who I am with how I show up in certain aspects of my business. I now have more clarity, and I am truly grateful to have worked with her. Sindy

Julie is an amazing inspirational woman with the gifts of insight, incredible intuition and will impact you at a totally different level.  She guides, she listens, she taps into you and your energy, and she channels all with grace, elegance and creates more meaning for you.  I would highly recommend working with Julie Lisa Spencer-Arnell


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