Julie Anne Hart | Intuitive Leadership Purpose and Prosperity Empowerment Consultant
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I’m Julie Anne


I‘m deeply committed to connecting influencers and change makers to wisdom. So they can align with their higher purpose.


I will help you to connect with your primal energy and inner wisdom so you can take your leading edge position to make a bigger difference for present and future generations. This is my calling it ignites my heart and makes me feel fulfilled. And it’s powerful stuff.


You weren’t born to follow.
You were born to lead.

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One To One

Intuitive Guidance Readings For Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Change Makers


Reprogram the mind and allow yourself to harmonise and balance with the spirit of destiny that is waiting for you.

Vision Quest

Is the energy you are putting out in the world creating the experiences you desire?


Winter magic for you and your higher purpose

Spring Magik

Take a cleansing and transition with clarity and directional guidance

Illuminate Meditation

Take a journey to the stars and connect with the infinite source of wisdom.

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I’m here to help all influential leaders light up the world with love and wisdom.

You already are a leading light! You are the Torch Bearer, illuminating a new way forward.

How the journey works

“I believe that the two of us should be perfectly aligned in order to get the very best from each other”


Getting to know you


Talk It Through


Are We A Good Fit?


Lets Begin Our Journey