Julie Anne Hart | 10 Ways To Connect More Spiritually To Activate Your Intuition
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10 Ways To Connect More Spiritually To Activate Your Intuition

This is one of the most frequent questions I am asked by my clients. My answer is simple and always the same.


It takes a dedication to work with the divine. It takes the power of the 3 C’s to have success in all that we do. Commitment, Consistency and Continuity are the keys to opening new doors in any area of our lives.

Working spiritually follows the same principle.

  1. You are building a relationship with the Divine

So, like any relationship it is not something that you can opt- in or opt- out of, you make a commitment to your spiritual development with trust, faith, honour, respect and no expectation. You are walking a sacred path, a returning home to you means delving into the depths of the soul to seek, to experience and to place back the missing parts of your separation from spirit and from self.

  1. What you receive will be for your highest good.

It may not be what you want but you will receive the perfection of guidance and experiences that will excel your growth on all levels. When you are prepared to acknowledge how the divine works and take responsibility for your own integration of the wisdom that is presented to you, you will accelerate your intuition and emotional intelligence.  Wisdom cannot be learnt, we earn the right to it though our earth walks over many lifetimes.

  1. Work with a daily spiritual practice morning, noon and night.

One of the requirements on the Entrepreneurs Edge retreat that I teach is to create sacred space and time to be in silence and stillness, to ask for guidance, to honour all that you are and all that you have been given. To feel appreciation running through your body, mind and spirit. This level of connection will move your emotional frequency to a higher plane. A place of ease and grace so you can read the senses of your body, mind and spirit to intuitively know the messages that are being brought forth for you.

  1. Activating your intuition leaves not room for the demons of doubt or fear.

You cannot be in fear and have faith, so which are you going to choose? Faith is a frequency that in human form we are consistently reaching for. It will take your dedication to truly implement a spiritual belief that every moment everything is working out for you even when your reality may feel somewhat different. Faith holds no evidence. You are working with the unseen, it requires from you a belief in a higher power 24/7. Not as easy as it seems in a world that wants and demands evidence and results. Here the rewards show in physicality when you commit to the beauty of duality with no ego or expectation.

  1. Be in nature more.

Nature reveals all your senses to illuminate and enlighten you through your six senses and beyond, to a knowing so strong you simply cannot deny the factual feelings. When you spend time in nature “just being” with no agenda Mother Earth will gift you with lightbulb moments of wisdom that will give you all the clarity and direction you need. Do not push rather surrender to the joy of growth, discovery and development.

  1. Connect with the seasons

Look to the cycle of the seasons to show you your own development cycle. Each season has its own unique power, purpose, potential and prosperity. Spring for new beginnings, new projects and growth. Summer for play, laughter, fun and freedom, a great energy that is so productive in the very essence that it is not action based. Autumn to gathering in your harvest with blessings and set the seeds of your desire. Winter for death and rebirth, a place of mystery and magic.

  1. Work with the elements

Fire, water, earth, air and spirit, call them into you and ask for the assistance you require. The wheel of spiritual life and leadership requires you to go deep into your spiritual development to truly understand the power, purpose and deeper meaning of how you attune to the natural cycle and the power of our planet. Attune to the Fire the sun for increased clarity and passion. Attune to the water so you can flow more clearly with your emotions. Seek meaning on your mission through connecting to an Earth Based spirituality. Ask the guidance of your ancestors and connect with the spirit world. All elements encompass your sacred circle of spirit, the wheel of life eternally turning.

  1. Gratitude

Give your heart centred thank you’s in prayer.  The power of prayer is so under estimated, under used and misunderstood. It does not have to belong to any religion, it literally is your personal connection to deepen and strengthen your relationship with the divine. Prayers are always answered and will enable you to form a more meaningful collaboration with a feeling of complete communion to a power so beautifully awesome.

  1. Focus on your breathing.

Our breath is a natural healer and balancer, breathe in the love, the source energy that is your life force. We have within us the ability to heal with our breath, to release with our breath and to rise with our breath. Meditate using your deep, slow breathes so you can move your consciousness to a higher level of spiritual awareness and inner knowing.

  1. Ask for your teacher to show up.

The right person, place and situation always shows up when you are ready to take another level of ascension. When you ask for this to come into your life or business you aid your rising to so much more. You are an eternal being with infinite possibilities. Your success is not singular it is interconnect with collaborations and other people’s powerful wisdom, reach out.

I worked with my teacher consistently every 2 weeks for over 5 years until she made her transition into the spirit world. I seldom missed a session. It was so special I held it in the highest of regard. It is everything to me and always will be the very basis and foundation for all that I do. My teacher gave to me all that I am.












If there is one thing I would recommend you do right now is take the movement and make the changes it will be the greatest experience you will be ever graced with…….



Julie Anne

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