Julie Anne Hart | The 12 Sacred Steps: Spiritual Principles for Advanced Living and Leadership
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This is for all you conscious leaders, entrepreneurs and light workers who are ready to go deeper into your own self discovery process.

To a place where you will discover many unexpected blessings. The 12 Sacred Steps have been divinely channelled to empower your leadership abilities, both in life and business. This is for spiritual feminine entrepreneurs who are determined to let go of their limitations and fears so that they can thrive.

I’m deeply committed to love. It’s the most powerful force there is.

I’m deeply committed to love. It’s the most powerful force there is.

Prepare to discover your creative spirit and to connect with your rhythmic flow, prosperity and productivity. Allow yourself to discover your higher purpose as we work deeply with universal manifestation through aligning body, mind and spirit. This program and retreat goes deep into the spiritual and mystical power you hold, giving you the opportunity to become more powerful, whole and complete. Prepare to gain the spiritual wisdom to live in harmony with your life and your relationships.

Ignite your Spirit & the beautiful process of letting the new you in.


Raise your consciousness & grace yourself with truth for those light bulb moments that let you live bigger & achieve more. The bliss of your own blueprint that leads to unlimited creation.

The 12 Sacred Steps will help you to:


  • Discover how you can be fully present and mindful of what needs to change in your life or
  • Develop a way of thinking, feeling and experiencing to ascend in success and happiness.
  • Gain the insights and tools to lead in a new and powerful way; built on happiness, creativity,
    success and sustainability within your lifestyle, business and career.
  • End the inner turmoil and return to the source of your natural energetic self.
  • Revisit your relationship with trust and come to know exactly what faith is.
  • Know your higher purpose, your divine mission, as you walk in oneness with prayer and
  • Eliminate the blocks and barriers to your own self-created illusion that have until now stood
    in your way.
  • Question your perception and assumptions and return to a natural way of being.
  • Rediscover your courage to confront all that life offers

Advance Your Leadership.


Once implemented and integrated, The 12 Sacred Steps program will align you with the perfect laws of the Divine Feminine, advancing your leadership on every level. I will support you through the process to help you to see your journey through the eyes of Divine Feminine. power; to help you take hold and become all that you truly are.

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