Julie Anne Hart | The 12 Step Movement – Spiritual Movement for Advancing Life and Leadership.
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The 12 Step Movement – Spiritual Movement for Advancing Life and Leadership.

Women are stepping into their power and it’s a beautiful thing.

These women are choosing to use their glorious power to be successful and influential. They are no longer willing to half live their life. Instead they are choosing to lead in what they do.

If you are on this journey of growth and ascension, here are some steps from The Sacred Movements Retreat to help you grow in leadership and feminine brilliance.

  • The most powerful way to ascend in your mission is to advance in mind, body and spirit. So take time to connect with your heart. Claiming your prosperity allows you to give back to Mother Earth and to make a difference in the world.
  • The body holds old karmic records, like a library of the soul. All of these records are your wisdom and experiences. It is your right to use these wisdoms. But often the life-bearing perils we have been given become clouded, like dust on a bookshelf. It is essential that we dust off our gifts and connect with our wisdom, so that we can use it to make courageous decisions and live in our truth.
  • Become aware of the misconceptions, internal criticism and assumptions that your mind is using to keep you safe.
    Note on keeping safe – growth is far more powerful than playing safe. When we choose to go beyond the safety of our comfort zone, we thrive. We become enlightened and aware of what steps we need to take to achieve our goals and plans.
    Society, our schooling and our upbringing often teach us to stick to the rules – even if it feels uncomfortable. Even if it feels suffocating and restrictive.

By playing it safe, we keep ourselves small, diminished and hidden. Our light is shaded by the expectations and demands of life.
Choose instead to be a power house of delicious feminine brilliance. Because that’s what you are.

  • Let go of the old emotions that are keeping you stuck. The doubts, fears and anxieties that do not belong to you. You are a strong woman. You know you have something special to give. It’s time to step out of your own way and let love in. When you claim your fountain of femininity, the divine power that you hold shows up to support you.
    You begin to serve spiritually in your own authentic way. And that’s what the world needs. More of you.
  • Connect with your genius. Beyond the mind’s misconceptions lies your genius that is simply waiting to speak out and support you. This genius triggers intuitive points of knowing. When you separate from your genius, you lose your way. Your safety mechanism stands in the way with mind-limiting beliefs. By connecting with your genius, you give your feminine energy the chance to soar.
  • Movement is an essential part of letting go of the old denser energy that blocks the body. Through movement you are entering sacred ceremony. Think of it as removing any barriers that are preventing you from growing. This is about releasing and cleansing your entire system. This activates the blood and allows your cells to release the memories and thought forms that do not serve you.
  • Silence is a powerful way to listen to the Divine. It will ask for your requests and signal your desire to step forward and ascend to your mission. Through silence and sacred space, all that you need is brought forward.

There is a power beyond words in these Sacred Movements that are aligning with your foundation of ascension. This allows you to see, own and feel your truth – the deepest level of integration possible.

If you want to expand your power and raise your entrepreneurial wisdom, The 12 Sacred Step Movement Retreat is here to support you. This is a powerful weekend for entrepreneurs, light workers, impact makers and feminine leaders. Prepare to enter your feminine beauty through ceremony, dance, silence, movement, release and ascend. You will sense, experience and feel the advancement of ascension.

The 12 Step Movement will aid your path on every level – personally professionally, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

It will advance the making of your relationships into the 5 star Matrix where you weave and create peace and beauty. Prepare for an enhanced relationship with yourself and others. Give your business, career and work the opportunity to thrive, with the beauty of an accelerated relationship with alchemy, Mother Earth and all her gifts.

Through this Retreat, the infinity of time, space and unlimited potential runs through your body, blood, veins and bones. You become one with the universe and your purpose. You develop your spiritual intuition.

You’re not here to play it safe.

Join me on this powerful journey. Your time is now.


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