Julie Anne Hart | 4 steps to connect with the Wisdom of Winter so that you connect with your purpose.
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4 steps to connect with the Wisdom of Winter so that you connect with your purpose.

Winter is the most magical and powerful season for planting the seeds for the New Year ahead.
It’s a time for accepting all the graces and gifts that are waiting for us. When we connect with the wisdom of winter, we quickly discover that the graces that come our way require no action. This is about connecting with the unseen, your spirit and the infinite universe. And it is truly magical.

Here’s the thing – most people miss out on this ancient wisdom, as they get caught up in a season of pushing and striving to complete deadlines and goals. They go into overdrive; frustrated and anxious that they haven’t done enough. It doesn’t help that society is focused on whisking us up in the turmoil of Christmas shopping, losing weight and keeping others happy at this time of year. Yet it’s the opposite that we need. We need to slow down and connect with the ascension of our consciousness.

When we understand the hidden alchemy of winter and tune into its wisdom, something within shifts. We go from the mind to the unconscious. We breathe deeper. We feel joy in our bones. We begin to see that life is a miraculous creation.

So here are 4 steps to help you to connect with the power of winter, so that you can connect with your vision and purpose.

  1. Connect with the alchemy of winter wisdom.
    This is about connecting with your spirit, so that you can get an insight into your deeper vision and purpose.
    Slow down. Take time to walk in nature. To feel the cold air on your cheeks and to watch your life force flow from your mouth as you exhale. This is about noticing where you are in life. For thanking Mother Earth for your infinite power.
  1. Take the 12 Sacred Steps to realign with your higher self and mission.
    Discover your creative spirit by noticing the leaves fall, the berries flourish on the frost dusted trees. Connect with your rhythmic flow, prosperity and productivity. Allow yourself to discover your higher purpose from a place of love, rather than fear. This is about connecting with your heart and asking your mind to rest, to stop overthinking. This is the most powerful way to align your body, mind and spirit, so that you can prepare for the year ahead.
  1. Connect with the Spiritual Wheel of Life and Leadership.
    Connect with Mother Earth spirituality by recognising the direction of the elements – water, air, fire, earth and spirit. When we connect into that deep intuitive mystery, our consciousness expands and we become aligned with our purpose. This is the most effective way to go to the next conscious state of awareness.
    This is about heightening your manifestation, so that you are ready to weave what you want to create in 2017. 
  1. Connect your heart with your intuition.
    When you make this connection, love enters the arena. And that’s super powerful. Your emotional intelligence expands. You become healthier; no longer triggered by emotional heaviness, within yourself and others. You rise into the spirit of humanity. This triggers compassion, not competiveness. You understand relationships as you heal on an extensive conscious level within your own relationships. You can then take your position to teach your area of expertise to everyone else.

This is big stuff. It’s not just some airy fairy idea. The work has to be done. We have to take responsibility and ownership for where we are, what we think, how we feel, what we create and what we experience.

The world is changing and we need more leaders who are prepared to go from being 5th dimensional to 8th dimensional beings. This takes courage and a willingness to put the work in. When you take this path, help shows up. I’m here for you as part of that help.


  • Lucy
    Posted at 07:37h, 08 December

    Your course sounds positive and preparing for 2017 sounds great. I would like to be part of it please.

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