Julie Anne Hart | A Rise In Consciousness Correlates To How You Relate To Everything
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A Rise In Consciousness Correlates To How You Relate To Everything

All entrepreneurs and influencers on a mission will be going through a rite of passage initiation right now and it will be highly emotionally charged. There will be many changes, instant decisions, endings and new beginnings.

The Laws of Ascension with be intervening with your growth, learning, illuminating and gaining depths of enlightenment to transform how you relate to yourself. For it is the very root to all your experiences!

You, the lightworker, is required to clear out and cleanse on a major level. Why?  Because you have to be able to make relationships that are of a higher order of connection, collaboration and community. The shift is here, and it moves you beyond your 5-dimensional stretch of awakened awareness of mindful emotional intelligence.


Your manifestation will no longer be within the material realms. 

The big shift is an 8-dimensional movement into the infinity of unity, as you dance and as you romance with the wonder of life within a world of cosmic creation. Your manifestation will no longer be within the material realms.  The desire will be to experience the complete feelings of advancement.  Of relating in beauty with yourself, with others, with your purpose, with the planet and with the infinite source of wisdom.

An 8-dimensional consciousness releases you from judgement, criticism, fear, doubt, resentment, jealous and the separation that you are experiencing in varying degrees to your true essence. The raw wild spirit within you, that cannot be contained in a system of institutional constraints, will have to learn how to relate with no agenda, how to hold, support and unconditionally give to one another in a way far greater then you are presently able to. Let’s not say you are at this level, you are not, none of us are, you are a work in progress.


Move beyond the scramble for fame or fortune

On a business front, those of you on an influential level will have to move beyond the scramble for fame or fortune. To focus your energy, effort and time into relating deeper into the power, purpose, potential and true prosperity of the natural wonders of our planet. Blessed and guided by an infinite power of which you will have to delve deeper into your emotional connection to truly feel the truth of the magnificence of what surrounds us.

An intellectual knowing will not satisfy a growing hunger to relate in such a way that brings forth instant pleasure and paradise without the need for anything else in return. The development of the spirit is the only wholeness.  For everything starts and ends with the self. Look no further you are everything. The true secret lies in how you relate.

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with Blessings Julie Anne


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