Julie Anne Hart | About
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About me

I am passionate about connecting you to spirit and wisdom because the world needs to be influenced with the special gifts that only you hold.

My Committment

I’m deeply committed to connecting you to the spirit of your purpose and potential. It’s the most powerful force there is and when you’re connected to your energy, you can feel the life force run through your veins and your everyday choices.
When you connect to your primal Divine Feminine and Masculine energy you hold the potential to change everything. It dissolves fear, self-doubt, confusion and competition. It is mighty powerful and all consuming. In a good way of course. 

I help influencers to use their divine feminine and masculine power to take a leading edge position as a change maker – to lead for present and future generations. This is my calling. It ignites my heart and makes me feel useful. And it’s powerful stuff.


I come alive when I’m walking in nature and connecting with the seasons. I adore time with my family and friends. Eating good food and having deep conversations. This is where my joy lies. I have come to realise that this is what really matters in life.

When you connect with the power of your primal energy, you return to your greatest power. There is no longer any need to push and force yourself to succeed or to find your purpose. Connecting with spirit and wisdom allows all the fear to fall away so the truth can be illuminated that will excel your success.

And that’s where I come in. I help influencers to work in a divine way. A place where all the guidance they need to excel is given, so they can lead with inner wisdom and clarity.

Retreats & Events

I do this through a range of spiritual retreats, events and I channel where I take you on a journey of connection, a connection to self, to the power of the planet and the infinite source of wisdom. These retreats are designed to help you to go deep at your pace, to connect with your intuition, insight and purpose. To find flow and prosperity.

My intention is to reach you at the stage you’re at and to bring you on a mystical, magical journey of emotional, spiritual, personal and change maker growth.

Using our primal energy is a life long journey. There is always another level of infinite potential to discover.

Here’s Why This Lights Me Up

Influencers are the life givers and peace makers of change that our world needs right now.  We care about the future generations. We are committed to growth. And that’s why working with and understanding how to re-connect with our primal energy is a vital part of world peace and unity. We are givers, the protectors and the providers and when we use our Divine feminine and masculine power, this power only gets stronger. Our cup never runs dry.

We get to leave a legacy  with every step we take in life. The impact we have remains in hearts and lives long after we leave.

And here’s my favourite part – It all starts with you.

I run various programmes and free events.  I’m not hyper active on social media, so if you want the inside info from me, our community list is where it’s at. Most of the time, you’ll only hear from me once a week; more if something is time-sensitive or important.

Plus, as soon as you subscribe you’ll get a great (and free) training called Wise, Wild and free the laws of Ascension for influencers and change makers.