Julie Anne Hart | Consultancy
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Quick Empowering Answers

Overcome Your Biggest Challenge

Gain Clarity & Direction

Get To The Root Of Any Issue

Discover What Needs To Change

Receive The Business Guidance You Need

Be Conflict Free

Have Healthier Relationships

I’m Julie Anne Hart and I work beyond the intuition to help busy professionals overcome life and leadership challenges.


In just minutes I will help you clear the confusion and find the inner peace to re-connect you with your true essence and purpose, bringing clarity, focus, harmony and balance.


You don’t have to feel confused, lost or disconnected.


You don’t have to bottle it all up and switch off emotionally.


Let me help you to tune in to what’s right for you, clearing the path to new opportunities and greater success.

The consultation is easy and convenient to you. It can be done Face-to-face, on Skype or on the phone. It’s your choice.


Book your consultation: £180


To arrange your consultation with me simply make your purchase using the button below. Once payment has been made I will be in touch to arrange a convenient time and date.

Look forward to working with you!