Julie Anne Hart | Cultivating The Correct Conditions
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Cultivating The Correct Conditions

Clarity, connection and continuity

Accelerating your position in business and truly owning who you are is a series of logical steps. To cultivate the correct conditions it will require you to develop a deeper spiritual connection that supports you to surrender to the divine plan. Your commitment to continuing to create, grow and take action whilst allowing the conditions to come into formation around you is vital to sustaining your success to serve in a bigger way.

When you can surrender to this process with a knowing within your heart, you actually speed up the alchemy of change.  The 12 Sacred Steps Spiritual Principles for advanced living and leadership is a way to reframe to aid the cultivation of correct conditions.  Love your life and business regardless of external circumstances, your ability to lighten up, laugh, release and rise is within you.

Spiritual faith is not something you pick up or drop when your external circumstances change.

You have to have consistency to truly take the first step on your sacred Path of advancement “See through the eyes of source” To know everything is working out 24/7 then you can progress onto step two release yourself from the myth of your own mind. Emotions that do not support you are often a false perception of your self-created mind-set. You can change the way you view your life and leadership in any moment, seeing only good always serves you better

Step three breathe and walk outside. Oneness within yourself and a deep connection Mother Earth is a key ingredient to being fed the intuition and wisdom to accelerate both your personal and professional growth. Step four, move out of your own way. Stop analysing and advance your beliefs with the stars and infinite universe. Step five trust comes from within you only, if you don’t trust you, you can’t trust in others or the grand design of your higher purpose. Step six faith is a frequency that requires you to see and feel the divine in your every breathe. Take time to meditate and move your point of attraction.

Step Seven your energy is your inspiration, when you feel the passion of your potential you ignite the eternal flame within you. When you move your fire energy you transform all your experiences with an added dose of inspiration. Step eight expand and say yes to life “live it” we so get caught up in the familiar now is the time to do something different. Step nine develops your intuition as you come unto the divine to receive. The guidance is always there for you when you connect, connect, connect you create, create, create.







Step ten your higher self knows its mission on the planet and discovering the bliss of your blueprint brings many rewards. Stop holding yourself back and go for it. Step eleven why struggle, why seek guidance from others first when you have a higher intelligence force working for you. We forget the power of prayer. If we truly knew how loved we are there would be no I can’t because or no fear. Step twelve when you are fully aligned you FEEL like never before as the flow of appreciation runs through your blood there is a burst of life force that will advance your life and leadership on every level.

I have made a commitment to the daily implementations of these principles. They are a way of life 24/7. I move my consciousness to go beyond and merge with the divine within as one, a place of deep mystery and manifestation.

Keep walking the journey, it’s magnificent and the rewards are love.

For more information on the 12 sacred steps spiritual principles for advanced living and Leadership just click on this link and let’s connect.


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