Julie Anne Hart | Heart To Heart Empowerment
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Heart To Heart Empowerment

Be the truth of all that you have always been

Every day I witness the growth of women who are ready to step into their spiritual power. These strong women know they have more to give. They are willing to go through the changes necessary to lead in what they do. They are ready to listen to the rumbling of their heart and get past the old emotions and beliefs that are keeping them stuck.
“I have more to give. I am ready to lead in what I do. I want to go deeper,” whispers from the belly of their soul.
These women are ready to serve in a bigger way. Yes, there are old emotions and beliefs that get in the way of their greatness, but they refuse to stop. They know they can’t go back to the old way. They are ready to create a new normal.
Like the beating of their heart, that desire to serve on a bigger level pumps through their veins. Sometimes the desire wakes them at 3am when they turn over on their side. Other times it’s the flutter in their tummy as they drive to work – a familiar calling to go beyond the everyday. To go deeper.
If you experience this desire to develop your spiritual intuition so that you can be a powerful entrepreneur, I am here to support you.
Heart to Heart Empowerment is your opportunity to uncover your beauty, talents, skills and mission in life – to come face to face with your true self.
For enlightened entrepreneurs, light workers, impact makers and feminine leaders who are ready to move past the ties holding them back in their career and calling to take the next level of ascension what is so important is the making of all your relations. The relationship you have with yourself, with others, with your potential, with your purpose and with the infinite source of wisdom.
If you know you’ve got more to give, you are not alone. There is a shift taking place in our world right now. Women are responding to the stirring of their hearts. Even though this can be scary and challenging at times, they know that they cannot go back to the old way of living.
Sometimes we can be tempted to go back to the safety of normal. But then that truth shows up – you are here to change lives. To do good.
It is time to listen to what your heart is saying. To release the mind-set that has never served you. Because you deserve better.
Change and growth can be liberating when you have the support to follow through and find your light. When we choose to go within, to stand up for our soul; help shows up. That’s why I created Heart To Heart Empowerment – to support you through your growth. When we decide to create a new norm, instead of settling for second best, we blossom.
Heart To Heart Empowerment is your opportunity to hear your truth speak to you.
You may be going through a life change that’s scary. You may be on the edge wondering if you should jump or not. You may be on track, but there are old emotions getting in the way. Regardless of what stage you’re at you can peel back the layers of your soul and get to the truth of who you really are.
Here’s why this matters.
In order to take your position in this lifetime, we need to scrape away the old. This is the starting point that allows you to use all your talents and skills. This can only happen by identifying with your truth. In identifying with your truth, the myth of the mind will dissolve in a natural healing way; allowing you to step forward and take your position in life.
The Divine Feminine is the Matrix of creation, within her Star Matrix are the 5 major relationships in the making of the self and all relationships. Through therapeutic processes, spiritual teachings and the release of your own inner wisdom; you begin to truly see the path you desire to take. You can see who you really are. You begin to integrate the wisdom you hold into your daily life and leadership.
Own and identify the raw genius that is within you.
Learn to accept the past and present with a higher frequency of acceptance, so that you are free to vision the future and bring it into the power of the moment.
I’m here to support on your journey, so that you won’t cave when your truth shows up. It starts here.
Blessings Julie Anne
  • Karen
    Posted at 12:25h, 23 February

    Thank you Julie lovely& powerful nothing plays on the audio

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