Julie Anne Hart | The Hidden Alchemy Of Mother Earth Program
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Are you ready…


To discover more of the spiritual meaning of your business?


To retrieve the wisdom that lies within you?


To work with the hidden alchemy of Mother earth so you can find your optimum flow in productivity, purpose and prosperity?


To journey into the mystery of the universe and discover more of your divine design?


To take your entrepreneurial excellence to a whole new level?


The Hidden Alchemy retreat is about connecting with your infinite purpose on the planet so you can leave a true-blue print for all to gain.

This course will enable you to access the hidden gifts of mother earth and ancient manifestation medicine that will align you to be all that you are here to be…..

Because that’s where your power lies.

When we allow ourselves to enter a sacred space to connect with the most powerful part of us, the spirit,
we grant ourselves the permission to receive from the infinite source
of wisdom that always grace us with total joy and fulfilment.


Herein lies the Alchemy …


As the Spiritual Entrepreneur knows that her relationship with the divine is the most powerful relationship she can make.


The Divine Feminine spirit is the ultimate creator in her highest consciousness she sees all that is there for her.


She is akin to the alchemy of mother earth and she works in unity with this power to co-create her deepest desire.


She knows the ways of ancient medicine to bring forth the spirit of the 4 directions
the elementals the spiritual wheel of life and leadership that will accelerate her mission on every level.


The divine feminine knows the inner work is vital to her ascended success.


The divine feminine is you when you understand discover and implement these attributes
into your daily business practice you will excel the spirit of your success.

This retreat will enable you to:


Expand your current awareness of what you are here to achieve.


Accelerate your higher purpose through flowing with the alchemy of mother earth, magic and ceremony.


Move your point of attraction, activate your bigger vision and advance your spiritual development.


Come into unity with your primal power to support your unlimited change maker success.


Learn the art, science and spirit of sacred Movement that will align you with the power of your physical manifestation.


This retreat enables the feminine entrepreneur to come into unity with herself, her mission and the divine.

The Hidden Alchemy course has 5 star points of embodiment:


Physical embodiment
The power of ritual, ceremony and sacred movement advancing your energy to attract


Emotional embodiment
Heighten your sense of self and purpose through the power to see through the eyes of source and receive


Spiritual embodiment
Discover the hidden alchemy of the four seasons, learn ancient shamanic practices as you intuitively connect with the elements for magic and manifestation


Mindful embodiment
Reprogram the mind and allow yourself to harmonise and balance with the spirit of destiny that is waiting for you


Financial embodiment
Take your potential to the edge and then give back from a place of abundance not lack

Take a 3 day residential retreat in the heart of the peak national park

And receive 12 intuitive guidance calls

The Hidden Alchemy retreat will give back to you the lost ways of personal and spiritual power to aid the rising of your change maker success.

Is this retreat for you?

If you are an established woman in business desiring to work on purpose with more in-depth spiritual wisdom then you will feel the calling.

For further information and suitability please just fill in the enquiry form below

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