Julie Anne Hart | I-Channeling
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Your Opportunity For A One To One Session With Me.


I work with leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to uncover and use their power for good.

My focus is on empowering you to create a life that you truly love, doing what is inscribed on your soul. I connect with your spirit and draw out your truth, so that you can unravel and piece together your role in life.


I allow a deep spiritual consciousness to speak through me and I channel the wisdom to you. I move out of the way and let a deeper level of consciousness come in.

We dissolve the fears and doubts that are blocking your truth so that you can become an enlightened change maker. The aha moments will flow, as you begin to see, perhaps for the first time, where you are going and the potential of your calling.


By the end of our time together, you will have insight and clarity for the journey ahead.


This is your opportunity to go deep. To learn how to position you and your business in true alignment with your ultimate purpose. To lead from a position of wisdom by connecting with ancient knowledge that is both practical and magical.


To go deep into who you really are.

Here’s how it works:


If you are interested in knowing more about I.Channel and working with me then let’s arrange our session – 30 minutes by skype or phone call.


You receive an MP3 recording of our session so that you can listen back over it.


Think of it as a piece of truth that you can go back to and reflect upon.


To reassure you. To illuminate your soul purpose.

Want to go on this journey of enlightenment and growth?


Book your session today.