Julie Anne Hart | I-Channelling. My Secret Work for Feminine Entrepreneurs Who are ready to Rise Higher.
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I-Channelling. My Secret Work for Feminine Entrepreneurs Who are ready to Rise Higher.

For a few years now…

I have been working secretively with a small number of powerful women. Initially I kept this work private, as it is very close to my heart.

It was a conversation with a dear client that convinced me to share this work with more women. She talked about all the women who are struggling to connect with their true purpose. The women who are strong and driven, yet somehow they felt they had more wisdom to share and so much more potential. These are women who need something more, that something that felt missing, the something that would give them a specific higher purpose for their life; tailor-made to their life story and history. This couldn’t be a one-size-fits-all course. These women needed something far more powerful. And we both knew that I-Channelling was the answer.

Now I’m going to do my best to explain I-Channelling to you. You see, it’s one of those things that’s difficult to put into words. A little like magic, you can feel it, it can transform your life. But it’s almost too ethereal to put into earthly words. But I’m going to do my best.

This is not about intuition.

Firstly, there is intuition, which is developing your 6th sense. This is something which is in all of us. I-Channelling goes far deeper than that. It connects to the spirit within you, through a direct channel. A higher energy comes in and speaks. It is not my wisdom or intuition. The words I speak flow through me rather than from me. I just allow my body and voice to be a channel for this deep wisdom.

Here’s how it works.

I sit and connect with the person who chooses to receive this higher guidance. I give my body, spirit and voice over to the higher consciousness. Then I simply pass on the information that floods my mind and body to my client. I don’t question it. I simply relay the information that is being channelled through me.

Connect to your power.

Now that you understand what I-Channelling is, I want you to know why this is essential to our prosperity and growth. This higher celestial energy is what brings wisdom to entrepreneurs, torch bearers and light workers. This wisdom helps our positioning. It encourages and challenges us to take on bigger leading roles, to go beyond our fears, to a place of feminine power that is far bigger than we could possibly imagine.

When we access this information through I-Channelling, we are tapping into powerful realms.

It brings us so much peace and prosperity for ourselves and our mission in life. I-Channelling is pure magnificence. It is unique to any other work I do. And the results are unique to any other results the women I work with achieve. I-Channelling resurrects an energy and illumination from our souls that I cannot put into words. It shines a light on our truth and brings it to the surface. And most importantly, it guides us on the path we need to take to assist humanity and to create lasting social change.

This is the most potent formula to help women access a higher level of emotional and spiritual intelligence. It is a priceless gift that will not only transform your life, but the lives of those around you and the generations to come.

I am ready to share I-Channelling with the female entrepreneurs who are ready to light the way, so that they can be of more service to the world.

If you are one of these women, give yourself this opportunity to open up to the possibilities and potential you hold. To gain clarity and insight into your mission in this life. Because the world needs more light workers to start a powerful revolution of love.


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