Julie Anne Hart | Ignite
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A One Day Event Held In The Heart of the Peak National Park


On The 21st June 2018

Have you lately;


Separated from your spiritual discipline that consistently delivers you clarity?


Lost  connection from your inner being that creates a clear intent behind your energy?


Felt like your energy needs a boost of inspiration and innovation?


Felt the desire to harness your energy direct to defined goals?

You are the catalyst, your fire energy is at your command and you can access the energy to complete and manifest any task, project or programme. When you spiral your energy for more results through sacred vision and movement you open to a higher conscious spiritual connection.


The Divine vision is delivered directly to you so you can emerge in alignment with your bigger mission on the planet. Through your energetic frequency your body is a lightning rod and will conduct the energy you need when you move out of your own way and advance your intent through sacred connection.

On this workshop you will learn how to:


  • Honour both the Divine Feminine and Masculine power so you can truly influence the lives of others.
  • Discover a deeper understanding of your role in the whole of creation.
  • Gain inner peace and purity of spirit through accessing a deeper relationship with the self.
  • Hold a Sacred Ceremony to honour who you are and why you are here.
  • Deepen your intuitive communication in the sacredness of this energy.


Your questions will be answered so that your sacred path is unlimited.

Are you ready to access the wisdom within you?

 To seek the genius spirit that is waiting to guide you?

Are you ready to create more adventure and excitement?

Are you ready to allow the fire within you to fuel your business with the energy for greater success?


The Heart of your Mission is to discover the true spirit within.


Are you ready to move through your world of work and business with more ease and grace?

Do you sense the calling to “see” the bigger picture of your higher purpose?

Is the energy you are putting out in the world creating the experiences you desire?

Are you ready to make your frequency and vibration compatible with your greatest desires and goals?

I would love you to join me.


Enter a Sacred Space deep in the heart of Mother Earth.

Connect with the Divine through ritual, retreat and sacred movement.


Discover how too;


Implement the sacred Symbol of the spiral dance, move your body, mind and spirit in Sacred Movement to release the ancestral records the body no longer needs to hold.

Connect with the elements, access the flow of the seasons and seek a heightened level of clarity for your change maker success.

Access the hidden Alchemy of the summer season and soar.

Stretch your awareness to align with your primal Divine Feminine Power.

The Journey has called you because you are being asked to see with unlimited Vision.

This is your personal invitation to join me and the Wise Women Academy’s personal sacred Movement Choreographer, Jaqi Rolanda Moore. The invitation is available only to members of my tribe.

For further information please just fill in the enquiry box and let’s connect.
I look forward to working with you.

Blessings, Julie Anne Hart