Julie Anne Hart | Making 2018 Your Year of Magnificence
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Making 2018 Your Year of Magnificence

Happy New Year


I love the fact that every January most of us make new resolutions, seek a new sense of self and hold out for those heart centred new beginnings that maybe you have been dreaming of last year.

Every year holds its own magic, so what kind of magic is in store for us in 2018. What I can intuitively tell you is, it is a year of quality, of value, of standard, of consciousness in how you relate to your life and business and all those you relate with in your matrix of creation.

The year begins in growth and a gentle reflection of what you desire to change will surface to a stronger emotion that will simply be impossible to ignore. We will all be cosmically called to open our hearts to self and others. We will have to take a movement in emotional intelligence that will raise the game on collaboration and begin a lengthy process of ending the fear based energies of competition.

Planetary we will all desire better quality of relationships and this will show itself in 2018 for you. Being aware of what you love and what is important to you. Holding your values in higher regard or going deeper into self- discovery to seek a deeper meaning and purpose on life will lead to many issues being illuminated and brought into the light for you. You will have to take ownership and time to reflect and to discover the wisdom of what life is showing you. Miracles are afloat if you are prepared to take responsibility for all your experiences.

Life’s experiences will aid your growth and development in 2018 to harmonise with the years energies. Take time out to see, sense and feel the sheer beauty of life without any agenda or need for more. This is a biggie for entrepreneurs on a mission, it does not mean do not receive or stay at the same level. It simply speaks of allowing in more source energy, unconditional love and a deeper understanding of the legacy you are here to leave. Make your mark on 2018 speak beauty, see beauty, be beauty and receive it. The formula is easy, the question is being prepared to make it so?

Quality, values and standards will all be interconnected.

The first law of ascension speaks of all that does not serve will be released. Quality in life and leadership can only be measured within how you feel. If your feeling is not one of appreciation for all things you will be shown quality through both loss and gain. Which will in turn ascend your values and move your standards on an inner level to honour and respect more of your skills and talents as you come to know more of who you are on a deeper level. On an outer level the reflection of what is within will show itself even more.


The shadow is out to play, watch out!

A rise in consciousness comes through being illuminated to what serves you. Strengths and weaknesses will be illuminated for your acknowledgment. The ego my play havoc. like the rising of the sun you will seek the light and be in a good position to take a huge change within the self to surrender those patterns that are a complete limitation of love, life and leadership. Emotional intelligence and universal wisdom is high on Mother Earths agenda and she is eager to teach and to teach again if we are not prepared to take sole responsibility for what we experience.

A rise in consciousness will continue, on a multi -dimensional level seeing our world of work and business rapidly change in how we relate to each other. 2018 brings a new sense of connection to the authentic self, bringing forth the power of collaboration through investing in each other’s success.  The activation of our inner knowing, and sixth sense will enable those on a higher consciousness to collaborate in a more co-creative way with bigger results.

We will desire more healthy heart centred connections leaving behind those that are not prepared to drop the denser energies of competition, jealousy, anger or greed.  overall 2018 opens the path of possibilities if you are prepared to take the movement to more compassion, care and consideration for your own development and the quality and standard of how you relate to your world around you. Look to what life is showing you. Keep going within and seeking the higher self.  The spirit within will guide, direct and bring you the clarity you need if you stop to take time to listen, reflect and change.

If you truly desire to excel in 2018 set the scene now and remember that quality in your business is the key not quantity. Allow yourself to work in a way the promotes your values and uniqueness and hold them strong within all that you do. Do not follow the rest do it your way and you will succeed. The alchemy of your achievement is written in your cosmic collaboration, keep your faith. Advance your belief through developing your relationship with the divine and allow the unseen world of spirit to work with you. You are blessed, feel it and then surrender it all.

Happy New Year


With Blessings

Julie Anne


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