Julie Anne Hart | Rebirth
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Winter incorporates the magic and the mystery of both endings and new beginnings. To attune to our higher purpose and infinite potential it is paramount that we too attune to this powerful cycle of seasonal death, growth and rebirth.


Without transformation within, it is impossible to excel in business.


If you have found this page, you will right now be in a cycle of stepping away from what no longer serves you.  You will be entering into a higher way of being, a new consciousness to support exactly what you are here to do on the planet.

Before any rebirth can occur, the habit, the attitude, the relationship or the part of the self that is dying must be reviewed so you can discover so much more in order to take the rebirth that supports your highest climb.


Vision into the Great Mystery and create fertile new ground to manifest this new cycle with ease, wisdom and an innate knowing of what will come to pass. Strengthen your relationship with the infinite source of wisdom to advance your personal connection and spiritual communication.


When you allow the old patterns to die within you with dignity, honour and respect your rebirth cycle is always full of promise and possibilities. Only then can you truly access the clarity that will lead you to the next progressive cycle of success on your wheel of life and leadership.

Stretch your concept of who you are and venture into new realms of divine understanding.  


Honour the wisdom of your ancestors at this special time of year. You are a co-creator within the two worlds of earth and heaven. You will always be given unlimited vision, insight and inner knowing when you take the journey to ask and receive.


Journeying into the mystery allows you to be a seeker of your own destiny of truth. You are now being given the ability to go beyond your current reality so you may fly higher.  The new cycle is calling you.


You are more than ready to access your new and well earned reality.

I would love you to join me on

20th December 2018


In the Derbyshire Peak District


You will be invited into my own personal sacred space

Places are limited to 8 people

Rebirth is a day of deep spiritual wisdom, meditation, healing and ascension work for Leaders, influencers and change makers.

If you are interested in joining me or desire to know more, please do connect.


Just fill in the form below and let’s talk.


Blessings Julie Anne