Julie Anne Hart | Spring Magik
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Spring Magik

2018 is an accelerated year of growth, change and transition. It will see you straighten out and strengthen up. Ready for a new way of being.

So, what is happening in your life and leadership and why?

Right now, you will be advancing at a pace you are probably not used to. The advancement may not seem like an advancement at all for it is linked to possible confusion, conflict, turmoil and a few troublesome emotions mixed in there too.

Your life experiences are clearing the path for the ego to go and play silently somewhere else leaving you free to be who you are and make decisions from your heart, spirit and inner passion to serve.

In the mist of it all you will be called upon to seek out a higher consciousness that does not judge or criticise whilst going through some rather huge shifts and transformations.  A place where people are brought into your life to clear the path and aid your rising. Bless them all regardless of how you feel. All life experiences, people and places will be divinely synchronised to show you exactly what you need to release and rise instantly into. How powerfully amazing is that? Let the feelings clear and let the sun shine on a new dawn. You will magically find yourself on a fresh new path with a fresh new perspective and a fresh new way.

The mystery is working in your favour so see it all from the eyes of source and know it is all going to be OK. Bliss and brisk life lessons with be back to back and you may be wondering why you have created what you have. Well the truth here is you have been asked to rise to a whole new level.

This cannot be achieved until what does not serve you is released and what does serve you is illuminated.  Stay well and spiritually connected. Don’t try and figure it out just flow with it all. You are called to be personally more “sorted” to seek a professional spirit of service. After all you are the influencer and what you learn on your earth walk is what you preach and is what you will have to reach.

All the ingredients are gathered and will be placed upon your path, you can do it. Breath in and take the plunge into pastures new, forward focus and don’t look back.

With Blessings, Julie Anne


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