Julie Anne Hart | Spring Magik
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Spring is a time of new beginnings. A time to clear out the old for good. Take a cleansing and transition with clarity and directional guidance.  Set the seeds for building strong foundations as you co-create both within yourself and your outer world of work and business.


I would love you to join me for a day of deep spiritual growth and guidance.


Take a spiritual journey of discovery.


Enter the power of sacred ceremony.


Stretch in potential through the power of sound, chant, song and drum.


Let the magik of spring warm your senses and inspire your success.




A total transformational day guaranteed.

If you are an entrepreneur on a mission there is no greater assistance that can be given to you; the wise coach, mentor and teacher is within you.


When you connect energetically with the infinite source of wisdom infinite possibilities are presented to you that hold the capacity to instantly transform you and your business.


Spring is a time of cycles and movement. It is the beginning, the growing time, the developing and the ending.


Any limitation or procrastination must be over, so the new beginnings can take root.  Getting caught in old patterns simply blocks the path of unlimited opportunities.

Are you ready to:-



Seek which direction will support your forward movement?



Seek the guidance you need to move into more of your mission?



Seek your personal medicine to attract desired experiences?

The quality of the spring cycle depends upon the magic in you, your ability to manifest, your actions and your ability to take an advancement in spiritual, mindful, emotional and physical growth.


In all cases movement is required.


Learn how to flow in beauty and grace through your ability to access a higher energy.


Examine the energy you have been putting out that creates your present situation.


Change calls for clarity for what you believe about yourself is your ultimate power. Prosperity can only follow when you take a movement to project more purpose and potential.


Enter in to the mystery and step into your grand design.  Once discovered and uncovered there is no going back.

Spring Magik


22nd March 2018

Held in the heart of Derbyshire

If you are interested please fill in the enquiry form below

Thank You