Star Matrix Constellations - Julie Anne Hart
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Star Matrix Constellations


Wisdom for Relationships.


Your success is literally woven in the stars and your destiny is interconnected with your 5 star major relationships.

When you align the way you relate…


To Self

To others

To Purpose

To the Planet

To the infinite source


Your success can soar.

Take a moment, go within and ask these few simple questions:

Do you …

See and feel your magnificence?

Do you honour and respect your gifts and talents?

Have meaningful and peaceful relations with others where you are supported at all times?

Intuitively know your calling in life?

Are you clear on your mission your higher purpose?

Do you have those light bulb moments of clarity and direction that instantly brings growth on all levels?

Do you hold unwavering faith to be completely unlimited in all that you do?


If, right now, you are not experiencing the kind of relationships you desire on your sacred path, it is time for you to weave a higher vibration of purity and peace, so you can transform the relationships you are currently experiencing.


Do you doubt the higher power? the infinite source of intelligence?


If your beliefs simply do not support your future then it is time to take a look at YOU.

When you understand your personal Matrix of creation, you can take an instant movement to transform all your relationships.


Are you ready to:

See the expansiveness of your success?
Experience loving and compassion relations and collaborations?
Know exactly what you are here to and are destined to achieve?
Advance your relationship with the infinite source of wisdom?
Activate your intuition to open up to all the guidance you need?
Accelerate your entrepreneurial excellence?


When you discover what you are creating and why …

You do not get caught in the high drama of your life’s present scenario that keeps you from seeing the truth of a situation

You stop justifying what you are doing and experiencing

You do not have to defend your right to be

When you own and acknowledge the beauty within you and within all things you cannot fail to see the expansiveness of the eternal plan.


Are you ready to:

Move your point of attraction to experience more love? More success? More abundance?

Then join me on Tuesday 3rd October 7pm UK time

And discover 5 simple spiritual truths that will support everything working out wonderfully for you

Blessings, Julie Anne

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