Julie Anne Hart | Take it to the Edge Retreat for Entrepreneurs
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Your opportunity to transform the way you live and work.


Registration for places on this incredible 5 day business retreat is open now for June 2018.

Take it to the Edge – Retreat for Entrepreneurs


This full one-year experience is for entrepreneurs, change-makers and leaders who are ready to go beyond the realms of emotional intelligence to reach a higher, innovative level of spiritual intelligence.


This is your opportunity to transform the way you live and work. Connect with your path of illumination and discover the universal secrets to allow your business to reach its ultimate potential.

Take it to the Edge is made up of online training, a five-day retreat and ten monthly intuitive mentoring circles.

These are all held at the sacred and spiritual Gaia House in the beautiful Peak District National Park of Derbyshire.


Significantly different from a business retreat, this retreat connects you with your own higher purpose for the benefit of you and your business.

It connects you with the spirit of your higher self; someone who knows their direction and is ready to turn your pain into gain.


This is a magical place to regularly connect with a community of like minded entrepreneurs for collaboration, accountability and deep learning.

Here’s what to expect:


Take your leading edge position in your arena of expertise.

Access your inner genius.

Allow wealth streams to flow.

Intuitively know what action to take to transform the way you live and work.

Become inspired with innovative ideas to advance your wealth creation on every level.

Dramatically accelerate your progress.

The Four Core Principles


Take it to the Edge is dedicated to The Four Core Principles
that will accelerate your personal and entrepreneurial success:


Activate your intuition.

Accelerate your growth.

Accumulate spiritual guidance.

Ascend in greatness.

The Seven Universal Keys


Following on from the four core principles, I will guide you through the Seven Universal Keys to cracking the code on your unlimited potential.

These universal keys open up ways to:


Go on a journey to receive hidden knowledge.


Make a connection and ignite your passion.


Transcend the old and emerge as new.


Be happy for no reason.


Live in your truth.


Forward focus and step into your unlimited potential.


Appreciate and experience the abundance of life.

Retreat Location


Nestled in the breath-taking setting of Derbyshire Peak District, Gaia House is the perfect place to escape the everyday and find peace within and peace with others.


This mystical setting is both healing and inspiring. Named after the Mother of all Life, Gaia House is over-flowing with natural beauty and abundance. This sense of unity and oneness with Mother Earth returns you to a natural flow and a natural way of being.

Apply for your place on Take it to the Edge