Julie Anne Hart | The Laws of Ascension
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The Laws of Ascension

The changing face of our future

Working with intuition and spirit in business is a beautiful thing, but truly being here to serve in a bigger way is a whole different arena. It means letting go of self-importance to truly serve beyond any realms of business.

Most structures or strategies maybe difficult for you to fit in with or feel good about. Or will simply not yield you the outcomes you are seeking to achieve. When you are here to serve spiritually you will be called to work in a completely different way.

The way of the Grand design will be calling you, and it will be far bigger than you can think or vision in your current consciousness. You will be called to take your position through listening and communicating with a higher power. A power that speaks of world change and a new way of understanding what needs to happen, so we can truly begin to relate to self, to others, to purpose, to planet and to the infinite source of wisdom.

As a direct conduit to source energy I have decided to share with you the first channelling from my forth coming book the laws of ascension. I hope you find it interesting, please leave me a comment, I would love to know your thoughts. With Blessings Julie Anne


Channelling 1

How you return to your natural way of relating to each other, your natural way of living, your natural way of honouring, of protecting, of providing, of creating honour and worth amongst all people.  It is this that the whole planet and cosmos and stars are desiring human form to return to.

And so, we begin with understanding the ways that have been lost.  The ways from the stars that gave their wisdom freely where paradise could be experienced upon planet earth.  The early settlors knew these ways because they communicated, they communicated with the planet, with nature, with the elements, with the stars, with the entire universe and cosmos and they knew the wisdom and the secrets were not secrets.  They were kept in honour and handed down from generation to generation and it is our greatest desire to say to you until these ways are reintegrated in your society there is no wealth, there is no riches, there is limited pleasure and you can spend, and you can buy, and you can have, but this is plastic.

This is not sustainable, it is not spirited, and it is not authentic, and it is not fulfilling on any level.  For right now in this new paradigm movement there is a desire, there is a stirring of spirit, heart, body and soul that speaks on an inner level, hidden, unconscious and unaware. This can be confusing to integrate to understand the stirrings of the passion within the heart and soul to return to ways that have been lost.

One will be confused with these emotions, these feelings, one will find inner conflict and crisis with these feelings.  These feelings are a calling to connect with the only thing that is important is the energy of the self and all things.  For your survival is interconnected.  You are not many souls, you are one soul   and the whole health of the one soul is to come back into collaboration and connection with each other.  This part is your ownership to honour the part of you, the spirit of you, in the responsibility of the self and in the responsibility of the collective oneness.  It is only then that all things can be pieced together and come in to complete prosperity of lifeforce, of breath, of planet, of man, of woman and animal and plant.

Before there is more destruction, for the destruction leads to more separation, so we bring to you our way of aiding and supporting you for there is a dimensional movement in consciousness that has a cause and effect in the rising of spirit and soul and in the returning to lost ways and lost knowledge.   It is our aim in this wisdom to raise awareness to educate, to inform and to share so you have a level of understanding and discovery and openness where you understand on a deep level the lost ways.  So, in your understanding there is an automatic instant transformation that is not time limited or time dependent in the awakening your awakening is instant.  As you awake from sleep you instantly awake, you do not wake up and then say I am awake three days later.  You are awake.  It is the same process.  In the sharing of the wisdom and the gaining of enlightenment once you are awake there is change and so we begin.

There are 12 laws of ascension. 

There are 12 laws that lead to ascension for you are coming into understanding, you are coming into a way of being,  you are coming in to a new emotion, you are coming in to a new movement, you are coming in to new ways, you are coming into waves of thought form and enlightenment and the laws that we speak to you of is what you will be experiencing and discovering and understanding and deciphering as the waves take you towards the wisdom to return and restore the balance and connectedness to a collective conscious that returns as one where you all related and interlinked together.

So you are all carrying many emotions, you are all carrying many myths, you are all carrying judgments and criticisms, you are all carrying a matrix, a DNA of patterns and behaviours.  Much of this does not support the new way, the new energy, the rising and so the cosmos collaborates, every planet collaborates including the one you live on.  To help you weave the ways of your ancestors, the ways that every breathe and footprint leaves purity and beauty and peace and so we are aiding to bring to you through your experiences and your emotional body waves, energy, frequency, waves of experiences, waves of emotion that allows you to open up to the possibility, capability and capacity to release all that does not serve you.  For you are clearing out, cleansing, clearing the clutter, taking ownership of every experience of every emotion, every experience for it is forming matter, forming consciousness, forming more experiences in the ownership that everything starts and ends with the self.

You will come to a crossroads of choice.  Is to seek a higher level of beauty within you and the first wave calls for you to see.  It calls for you to see.  It calls for you to see that you have everything and always have had.  It calls for a deep sense of self, a deep sense of satisfaction, a deep sense of security, a deep sense of appreciation, a deep sense of honouring of self and others.  A deep sense of compassion and care.  It is not to look beyond for more but to seek the beauty within and without in each present moment.  For you have lost levels of love and appreciation and you seek your energy, your emotion through a continuum of seeking more but the more is never enough to return you to the energy of the lost ways.

This wave will create conflict and confusion and inner turmoil and crisis in many that do not or will not understand the missing link, the unfulfillment, the conflict and crisis within.  Your emotions will be high, the separation will be felt, and the sigh and grief will come forth.  We say feel the beauty and the love for your emotions are showing you are returning, your ability to feel is showing you, you are on a path of ascension to a higher consciousness.  It lies in your ability to support the self in the awakening to see that is paramount to ascending you to the next level.

We will be showing you and teaching you the Laws of Ascension and the waves that accompany each level of the law for they will come to pass and come into being.  You have called this forth, you have chosen to listen to this wisdom, you have chosen to read this book, audio, be at this event through your sheer un-satisfaction of where you have been.  Through your inability to relate to the self and be healthy, whole and complete, through you inability to relate to purpose, potential and people and relate to the relationships that create beauty, abundance, true wealth and true pleasure is not found externally in the madness that you have created and the dishonour and the disrespect for all the gifts that are here on planet earth to bring wisdom intellect, knowledge, guidance, discovery of more of your spirit.  You have made yourself miserable in your millions.  The inability to honour the gifts of the universe, to see, to feel, to appreciate is an inability to see yourself.  So, go receive more and see less of who you are.

With Blessings

Julie Anne


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