Julie Anne Hart | The Star Matrix Constellations
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The Star Matrix Constellations

Weaving wisdom for wonderful relationships

Regardless of our specialist area in business we have one factor that bines us all together. We desire change in our world. I firmly believe that the change we desire to see becomes achievable with the advancement of how we relate to our 5 mayor relationships, those being to self, to others, to purpose, to the planet and to the infinite universe.

We have so much beauty and abundance and yet we do not see it. We have so much potential and yet we do not feel it. We live upon a planet that continually growths all that we need and feeds us our genius to growth into our truth and yet we destroy it. Our infinite cosmos will deliver us everything we ask for and yet we do not build a loving honouring relationship other than to get the manifested “something” Is this the way forward absolutely NOT.

Influencers are the messengers of light that are leading the way forward on how we relate to all things. It means being bold in your profession, standing out and up for what you are passionate about and being able to break down stereotypes, judgements and criticism in a loving way. Not an easy task at times, that is why I want to introduce you to the Star Matrix Constellations because we are all weavers of our own destiny. When we acknowledge that our every movement has a cause and an effect on all our relations, we can rise in consciousness to weave a higher thought form of energy into our matrix of creation that will yield to you the magnificence of being alive and the achievement of you highest mission on the planet.












Let me explain a little more. All of your relationships and life experiences relate back to us. So firstly we have to hold ourselves in a higher frequency of love. When you do this you have movement in your matrix energetically and all those around you have an expanded choice of movement too. We are all energy and we are all connected so your point of energy is your point of attraction and is felt unconsciously by all within your web. When we see through the eyes of source you see “good” your web of creation moves higher and the stars align with this powerful energy force to deliver wonderful experiences.

We are all akin to spider the symbol of infinite possibilities of creation. In many ancient traditions her eight legs represent the four elements and the four directions of change on the wheel of spiritual life. Many of us get caught up in a self created illusion and never have the gift of seeing beyond our own self importance, perceptions and assumptions.

We often get caught up in what is good and what is bad without acknowledging that when we see the good in everything we have the power to transform everything to a higher conscious level of peace and purity of mind, body and spirit. Anything less is to be consumed by fear and limitation that stagnates creation.

If you are ready to weave a more beautiful design in your life and leadership then it may be time to look at why you are being so critical with yourself or others.  Explore and release your core emotion and then be brave enough to see only beauty. Acknowledge this truth into the base of your body, into your spirit and allow the mind to align. You have the ability to discern your movement of change. When you change everything changes.

A word of warning if you are unable to see who you truly are you and feel stagnant unable to move in a positive direction you may come to resent others who are doing well. This kind of energy is sticky and creates an energy that blocks the forward movement of potential.

Your star matrix of creation will require you to see truth. We are all beauty regardless. This is the divine way, the way of the spirit that leads to unity within all nations. Denser energies of resentment, jealousy and judgement like the black widow spider  you will eat yourself up and diminish your weaving where no collaboration worth having will want to remain in your web.

Get moving. Find more joy, more love and feel more abundant because you are. Seek new ideas through the advancement of your spiritual universal relationship and catapult yourself into a new phase.

You are an infinite being who will continue to weave your own created patterns of life throughout time. You can transform the way you relate in any given moment, with any pattern by not failing to see the expansion of your eternal plan.

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