Julie Anne Hart | Vision Quest
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Vision Quest

20th September 2018


Connecting you with spirit, wisdom and the mystery to accelerate your entrepreneurial excellence.

For Influencers on a mission.


The vision quest is one of the oldest tools used by tribal people in order to seek direction and to receive divine guidance on your higher purpose on the planet.  The vision Quest process connects you deeper to universal wisdom so you can receive your vision in a higher form direct from the great mystery.

Every opportunity becomes available to you when you access a higher consciousness through seeking the serenity of spirit and harnessing the energy to do so. The original purpose of vision quest is to assist you the seeker to connect with a high conscious inner knowing so that more truth of your business mission can be present in your life every moment.

The advancement of the spirit at this level graces you with the development of a higher intuitive consciousness, a place where you are no longer a walker between the 2 worlds of earth and heaven, but enter a higher frequency of energy that enables the 2 worlds to come into unity as one when this alchemy occurs you become the living dream. Your intent, and intuition is accelerated and everything becomes clear.

The quest speaks of a time of new direction of strengthening of the present path based on personal truth. To find truth you have to enter the silence and remove confusion. The course of your life needs to be clarified through vision. It is now time to ask for assistance from your allies and ancestors in order to activate your inner wisdom to set the scene, the seed and the standard of your success. So you can surrender and let it happen as you attune your flow to the power of the autumn equinox.

Is this day for you?

I often get asked this question and my first response is always – You will intuitively feel the calling if this day is right for you.
However, If you are an established woman in business desiring to advance the development of your spirit and accelerate your business success with more purpose and meaning

This spiritual advanced Vision Quest day brings destiny to your door

A place where you will discover the gifts the great mystery has in store for you.

And if you feel ready to embrace this…..

Then this day is right for you.

The delivery of this day consists of

  1. Questing for your vision so you can achieve what you are here to do – let go and take your purpose to the maximum of its potential.
  2. Shamanic journeying into the mystery so you can receive your divine design – discover your destiny as written in the stars
  3. Gain more flow in business through accelerated alchemy- access the power of your ancestry and feminine lineage.
  4. Have unlimited access to a direct spiritual channel – Accelerate the spirit of your Entrepreneurial excellence.
  5. Access the Power of Sacred Movement to seal your blueprint and legacy with Jaqi Roland Moore wise women’s sacred Movements Choreographer.

The Wise Woman knows her spirit is the source of her success. Make the connection, receive the communication, gain the clarity, sanction the action make your mark of entrepreneurial excellence.


WHEN: 2oth September 2018



It is vital that you are at a spiritual level of meditation and journey work. For further information or to enquire about suitability then please leave your details in the box below.

I look forward to connecting with you

Blessings, Julie Anne