Julie Anne Hart | Working with magic and mystery in business creates magnificence
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Working with magic and mystery in business creates magnificence

Do you ever wonder what you are doing wrong when the action you take doesn’t yield you the results you seem to have worked so hard for?

Well if this is the case for you then please read on, I have a little magic instore for you!

Action is never the result of Action. Action that truly is successful is seeded within the spirit of who you are, so if you are not connected spiritually to your higher self and higher purpose then you have a higher chance of leading yourself of course, in the wrong direction and with limited clarity.

Action is the key and essence of living, but before you take the leap just check in with yourself and ask yourself a few questions first

  1. Is your action taken from the guidance you receive from your intuitive insightful antenna? Your six senses of inner knowing.
  2. Does your action fill you with promise and excitement?
  3. Do you feel fabulous when you check in with your to do list?
  4. Do you awake up rearing to go with an innate sense of a new really forming?

If you answered “yes” to the above, then you are probably someone who is tuned in and truly switched on to a higher connection with the infinite source of wisdom.

If not, then its time to go within to seek the spirit of truth calling you.

My business tripled in everyway through taking one piece of action. That action was to listen to my soul and take the action from the request of Great Spirit in doing so you are aligning with the grand design of your blueprint in preparation for a legacy of generational change.

Action needs to be spontaneous and when you are truly connected to a higher power there is no questioning your decisions you simply act on implicit faith, trust and the advancement of your beliefs.

Before taking any action take time out to receive the guidance on a spiritual, intellectual, emotional and mindful level. Spiritual guidance can sometimes be small but remember the small snippets are not to be overlooked and can often lead to unleashing your genius of greatness. Nothing given from the greatness of spirit is ever insignificant.

See the beauty in all your life, in the sunset or the smell of a fragrant flower. The message here is simple appreciate the richness of your every breathe and you will be able to surrender to the divinity of results in the perfection of time. A place where there is no lack or doubt.

Feel the gift of service, the gift of giving and receiving in a mutual exchange of love, honour and respect growing within you, increasing your desire and fire energy to leave your footprint of beauty upon the planet.

Stop battling, stop pushing, you are just creating resistance that does not allow for interaction with the higher intelligence that is working through you. Take a break! Give it a rest! Time out is productive and will return you to a fresh perspective and allows time for the dynamics of any situation to transform and work itself out.

Go with the flow of life, love, vision and feel the action to be taken. Then in the utmost of grace, ease and simplicity. Go for it and experience the magnificence of your own spirit of unlimited creation.


With Blessings

Julie Anne















Julie Anne

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