Julie Anne Hart | Your Year of Magnificence
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Are you ready to…


Excel your entrepreneurial experience ?

Let the spirit of your business shine through?

Connect with your higher self?

Discover your higher purpose?


Connecting with source has aligned me with my purpose and guided me in making a success of what I love doing.

It has taught me when to work and when to slow down. It has been my constant guide and companion, telling me when to take action and when to sit still and listen. Connecting with my higher self and the infinite source has been my key to success.

I would love to guide you on your spiritual journey to do the same.

“That’s why I have created Your Year of Magnificence.
This is for the Feminine Entrepreneur who wants to connect with spirit, wisdom and the mystery to accelerate her entrepreneurial excellence.”

This is your opportunity to


Journey into the self

Connect with your mission

Connect with the source of wisdom within


When we take the time out to discover and connect with our higher purpose, we see that there is a genius within us. This is where the information and guidance we need is given to us. You don’t have to figure it out yourself, getting caught up in the external side of overworking and overthinking. You don’t have to battle through life to find your way.

When you connect with the genius within, this unique spirit that is you; the infinite source of wisdom will show you the inspired action to take. It will birth your inner genius. You will start to see that the power really is within you.

Here’s how it works.

Once a month, we join together on line to take a spiritual journey of expansion and acceleration. The focus is on helping you to gain more clarity and direction. And that’s how you’ll find the missing pieces that are within you, to help you to align with your mission.


After the webinar, you will receive your monthly journal and a recording of the meditation so you can use it again and again and each time you journey you will receive more guidance so that you can go deeper on this journey of ascension.


I have created a private Facebook space where you can meet with all the other magnificent women who will be joining you on this journey.


The membership forum is a place where you can build strong, loving friendships with women who have the same intention as you – to ascend and accelerate.

During these 12 magnificent months, I will show you

How to align with the energy of the month.

How to flow with the seasons to ensure that you are the most productive.

How to align with your bigger vision and move in consciousness to create more.

A powerful blend of personal, spiritual and professional development in its ultimate transformational form.

So many women want to imprint their purposeful footprint deep into mother earth’s heart, so that everyone around can benefit.


This is the beauty of intentional women. They want to leave a legacy for the next 7 generations.


I am here to help you to do it.

The outcome is truly miraculous.


Expect an expansion of the self. Feel your heart opening wide, allowing you to receive your spiritual message and connect with the tribal consciousness and ancient wisdom that is etched into your DNA. This is a return to the self.


This is a gift for any woman who is determined to sow and reap her seeds of love.


My intention is to connect you with your spiritual power. I’m here to help you to go to a higher vibration, so that you can align with your mission on this planet.


Come with me and ascend. This is your year and its going to be a miraculous experience.


Ready to get started ?


First we will need to make sure that we are aligned, that we are a good fit for each other. So please complete the form below and I will be in touch for an initial chat. Thank you.